Chris Harris Goes BMW Budget Rallying in Old 3-Series

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The uncompromising Chris Harris heads to the middle of Wales to enjoy the delights of cheap oversteer.

Moving away from his standard escapades behind the wheel of the latest supercar, Chris Harris has made the excellent decision to undertake a spot of BMW rallying in an old 3-Series.

Having spent £4,000 on a E30 BMW 325i and after leaving it in the shed for a few months, Harris finally decided to get the car to Phil Price Rally School in the middle of Wales for some sideways fun. Getting the car to the required location for its first gravel test is a caper in itself, what with a beaten-up old Range Rover and trailer failing miserably to start or keep their tires inflated. Finally Harris & Co. arrive, and after much coaxing the RWD 170hp bimmer fires up and off they go. A couple of hours of drifting delight in the rain is countered by constant breakdowns and blown tires. This may be the start of many such days out, but don't count on it.

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