Chris Harris Goes Nuts in a Ferrari F12

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The best road car he's ever driven eats through four sets of tires in a day at the most beautiful circuit in Europe.

A few years ago Chris Harris had a serious falling out with Ferrari. But after posting sensational videos of him flogging a Ferrari 458, as well as a F40, and F50 around the track, not to mention an Italian munchy run in a 512 Testarossa, it appears that all is forgiven. So over a year after everyone else reviewed the F12 Berlinetta, the British auto-journo was granted time with the 730-hp 6.3-liter V12-powered brute. Ferrari kindly chucked in an additional four sets of tires for Harris to destroy, and that's exactly what he did. In a single day.

You haven't seen a proper Ferrari F12 review until you've seen this.

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