Chris Harris Has A Go In The Bugatti Chiron And Can't Stop Gushing


For a car that has a $2.7 million base price, it's worth every penny. Listen to Harris babble like a school girl for proof.

The last time we saw world-renown supercars drive the Jebel Jais mountain road that borders Oman and the United Arab Emirates, we were teased by the prospect of seeing one of only seven of the $3.2 million Lykan Hypersports in existence open up and finally give us an idea of what it's like on the road. That's not exactly what ended up happening, but it was nice seeing a McLaren 650S Spider and a Ferrari 488 Spider dish each other some rubber infused dirt in the meantime.

Unlike Lykan, Bugatti has already established itself and needs to prove its prowess to nobody, so of course it lends one of its $2.7 million (that's base price by the way) hypercars to Chris Harris anyways so he can take it down the Jebel Jais, because of course it already knows its Chiron is up to snuff.

What Harris finds is mind-blowing. Many times it's easy to look at the sticker price of some of today's top of the line hypercars and wonder if it's inflated just to give well-heeled buyers something to brag about. That's not the case with the Chiron. It's so well thought out, with the tire pressure monitoring system precise enough to need two decimal spots-you'd hope for that kind of precision if approaching 261 mph-that it seems the Chiron is on another level entirely. It preserves the grand touring experience at normal speeds and those bordering on insane. Job well done.

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