Chris Harris Heads to Geneva in a Morgan Plus 8; From Wales

The weekend run-around gets taken for a serious drive by the pocket-sized petrol head.

Brought to you by Drive, Chris Harris' latest video sees him and a friend take the new 370hp Morgan Plus 8 from his home in Wales to the Geneva Motor Show where it was officially unveiled. That's a 12-hour drive in a seriously cramped cabin. Nonetheless, with a typically British stiff upper lip and sense of adventure the Morgan is driven through the pouring rain, something the experimental hood doesn't cope with overly well, and into the epic Swiss mountain landscape.

A 4.8-liter V8 coupled to a 1,100kg-body is an attractive pairing, but it's the bodywork and the glorious sound emitted by the side-exit exhausts that will convince motor lovers to part with over £80,000 to own one of these wonderful cars. Check out the video if you're still unconvinced.

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