Chris Harris Hoons The 800-HP Aston Martin Vulcan For Top Gear Cameras

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We're sure TG had a hard time talking him into the driver's seat.

Top Gear has been freaking out and going through quite a bit of change lately. Of course the biggest change was losing Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, although a loss that's being talked about to a lesser extent is the resignation of Chris Evans. Most of the team stayed, however, including Matt LeBlanc and heavyweight auto journalist Chris Harris. Even with that sort of entertainment muscle, Top Gear is having a hard time retaining viewers.

To help keep Top Gear from falling into shambles, Top Gear just made Harris go for a ride or two in the Aston Martin Vulcan. We doubt that the producers had to spend much time convincing Harris to do it because, well, just look how much fun the man is having.

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It's starting to be that Top Gear has two separate wings, one that's informative and another for entertainment. Harris lies on the latter of the two wings since the auto outlet has previously tested the Vulcan. It wasn't Harris who did the testing though, so this was the result. Unfortunately, we're sure that anyone who's bought the Vulcan already feels left behind by the naturally inclined trend line of technology thanks to the F1-inspired AM-RM 001, a car that borrows Red Bull's F1 technology and Aston Martin's experience in building hypercars.

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