Chris Harris Is Getting His Own Show On BBC America Soon


It just keeps getting better and better for the guy!

For a guy who's stated in the past that a presenting role on Top Gear is a poisoned chalice, Chris Harris certainly has benefited hugely from being signed on in this year's reboot of the show. The British motoring journo with a penchant for powerslides has emerged as arguably one of New New Top Gear's (that was deliberate, by the way, before the "can't you proofread, CarBuzz?" comments start flooding in) most bankable assets, and we wouldn't be surprised if he eventually becomes the face of the show.

Before that day inevitably comes, Chris Harris looks set to be far more occupied with off-shoots of the main Top Gear show. He already co-presents the after-show 'Extra Gear' series with Rory Reid (another rising star on the reborn Top Gear format), as well as bagging himself a 'Chris Harris Drives' series that's exclusively available via the Top Gear website. Soon, though, 'Monkey' Harris will be fronting his own seven-part series on BBC America, bringing back the 'Chris Harris On Cars' name that first appeared on the DRIVE network, and presumably the same kind of format that made it arguably one of the greatest car-based web shows of its time.

Though we don't know yet what will be featured in the first episode that broadcasts on July 11 at 9/8c, the seven episodes will depict some ace cars. In the official statement, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Aston Martin GT12 were all mentioned, with the accompanying trailer showing the hypercar Holy Trinity and the gorgeous Ferrari 212.

The more observant of you will have noticed the clips are taken from footage from the Chris Harris On Cars YouTube channel, so it's likely the TV episodes will just be re-runs of the Internet vids. However, that does mean the majority of BBC America viewers who've never seen them before will be in for a real treat next week.

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