Chris Harris Is Selling His 505-HP 2015 Chevy Camaro Z/28

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Only five examples were imported to the UK. This is one of them.

The United Kingdom and the rest of Europe recently banned sales of the outgoing Chevrolet Corvette and current generation Camaro. Why? Because neither meets soon to be enacted emissions standards. Fortunately, this does not inhibit those who already own one, or any previous generation model. That's why this newly posted sale of this 2015 Camaro Z/28 will certainly attract some attention – from UK residents, of course. Recently posted on Collecting Cars, this 2015 Z/28 is being sold by a certain famous owner, the one and only Chris Harris.

For years, Harris was one of the top auto journalists and he's earned his way to the very top as the new lead host of Top Gear. Needless to say, Harris has several cars in his private collection and there's only so much room to store them all, not to mention finding the time to drive them.

So Harris has decided to part with one. This black Z/28 has only 7,962 miles on its odometer and its one of just five examples imported to the UK by Litchfield Motors. What's more, whoever places the winning bid will be invited to meet Harris himself for the ownership handover at a track facility somewhere in southwest England. Unfortunately, a specific track was not provided. Harris will give some free track lessons to the new owner in order to get a feel for the 505 horsepower track-tuned muscle car.

Powered by a naturally aspirated 7.0-liter LS7 V8, the Z/28, based on the previous fifth-generation Camaro, certainly looks the part with its famous "flow tie" for better front grille air flow, added aero, and many weight-saving measures such as removal of the air conditioning system. It's a serious driver's car that was properly maintained and cherished by a serious driver. The new owner can rest assured that the car has been very well maintained throughout its lifetime. As of this writing, the auction has yet to get underway so we don't even know what the opening bid will be, but we're confident it will attract plenty of interest.

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