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Chris Harris Is Totally In Love With The New Porsche 911 GT3

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Has the automotive bachelor finally found the car he wants to settle down with?

It's kind of tough to take Chris Harris seriously when he says he's having a hard day on the job. Sure, getting behind the wheel of a fast car and trying to dissect it for an audience is an art form that takes plenty of practice, but at the end of the day Harris is getting paid to kill sets of tires using cars some gearheads would kill to drive and not working behind the grocery store counter or pushing paper at a thankless job for a verbally abusive employer.

So when he says that his job can be complicated and then hops into the new 911 GT3 for some silk smooth drifts, we have no idea what he's talking about because his track session looks like both a breeze and a blast. Only part of that, however, is on account of Harris.

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The rest can all be chalked up to that incredible Porsche. With a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six, it sounds like everything that those turbocharged rear-engine 911s have been missing this whole time. Watching the tachometer dance about with as much agility as the chassis has is mesmerizing and leaves Harris in a state of absolute bliss. Tough shit, right? Definitely, especially when such a sublime engine is bolted to the rear end of a nearly prefect chassis that can use all four wheels to steer around bends more easily. So let's all take a moment and thank Harris for enduring such hard days to bring us golden car content like this.