Chris Harris Just Bought An Awesome M Car And Paid "Crazy Money" For It

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Which M car does Chris Harris deem to be worth overpaying for?

As one of the hosts of Top Gear, chances are you have a pretty good taste in cars. A car needs to be pretty special to make it into the garage of Chris Harris, who hosts the BBC Television show. Harris already has quite an impressive collection which includes an original BMW M5, a BMW E39 523i, a BMW E30 M3 2.5-liter Sport Evolution and a BMW E30 M3 Rally Car. Now, Harris has bought a new M car for his garage, and he paid what he calls "crazy money" for it. The money might be "crazy" to Harris because his "new" car wasn't even new.

Harris could have easily chosen the new BMW M2, but he instead chose the older 1 Series M. On Twitter Harris said that he "Always wanted a 1M. Prefer it to the M2, and yes, I paid crazy money for it, but that seems to be the price of them now. Small, angry, ace." He also tweeted a picture of his new ride with the caption "I am loving this thing." Harris didn't say exactly how much he paid for his new car, but a used 1 Series M typically go for around $50,000 to $60,000, which is the same as the new M2. Harris may have been drawn to the 1M's old fashioned hydraulic steering, or the fact that it is very rare with only 6,309 production units. Chris Harris has good taste, and we congratulate him on his purchase.

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