Chris Harris' New Top Gear Web Series Debuts With Controversial Review Of The Alfa Romeo Giulia


What did Harris think of the new Giulia? And what is the point of this new show?

We knew that Chris Harris was set to get his own web series on called "Chris Harris Drives." Immediately we wondered why "Top Gear" bothered to bring Harris on the show if the plan was to relegate him to a small part on "Extra Gear" and only let him do small reviews on the main show. Fans of "Chris Harris On Cars" will be right at home with this new series which debuted with a review of the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV in all its Italian glory.

Not a bad first car to start with. So what did he think? For now it seems that "Top Gear" isn't going to upload this new series to YouTube, so you'll have to visit to watch the premier episode. So what did he think of the car? Despite not getting the option in the UK, his tester had the six-speed manual transmission. Amazingly, Harris didn't seem to mind that the eight-speed auto will be the only option in the UK. In fact, he said the manual was a bit rubbery and imprecise. We don't want to spoil the whole review for you, but Harris does not think that the Alfa is quite as good as the BMW M3. It is more comfortable, and Alfa has done a a decent job with its first ever sports sedan.

As for the series itself, we feel like our original objections are completely justified. We understand that not every video is going to be beautifully directed with the clouds moving backwards in the sky, but we can't figure out why Chris Harris agreed to join "Top Gear." Part of the show's magic is its editing, taking someone driving on a deserted runway and making it look spectacular. If all we wanted to see was a YouTube-quality video of someone getting sideways in slow motion then we would have just gone to Harris' channel. "Top Gear" has a huge budget, so why can't this new web show come close to matching the production level that we are used to? It is hard to complain about getting more Chris Harris, but he needs to be used better.

We know that the roles on "Top Gear" are set to change, but until they do we aren't very happy with the Harris situation. Note that this is in no way a criticism of his work. In fact, we love his reviews. We just think that the show is wasting his talent by putting him in videos with pedestrian production quality. Give us more videos like the one of him in an Aston Martin Vulcan blasting around Yas Marina. That may have been the best review on this entire new season of "Top Gear."

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