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Chris Harris Pits RS3 Against M135i

German premium hot-hatch comparison gives Monkey plenty of food for thought.

There's around a £10,000 difference between the RS3 and M135i in basic spec, with Audi's premium three-door hot-hatch priced a smidgen under £40k in the UK and BMW's sub-M car a fiver under £30k. Veteran auto scribe and video host Chris Harris has a gut feeling that, despite the price discrepency, the little Bimmer can give it to the the Audi in most departments. And after some time spent on road and track, his instincts are proved more than accurate.

That's not to say the RS3 is a bad car. Clearly it has plenty to offer in terms of style and performance, but as with all Chris Harris comparison tests, it all comes down to how the car drives. And in that respect, the M135i is the clear winner. Check out the video and see for yourself why that is.

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