Chris Harris Pits the GT-86 Against Some Big Competition

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Can the affordable sports coupe outgun a couple of more expensive and more powerful rivals?

This is one of the match-ups we've been waiting a long time for. Renowned British automotive journalist Chris Harris is a self-declared fan of the new Toyota GT-86. Reviews of the rear-wheel-drive coupe have so far been extremely positive, but the big question is how does it compare to two of the best driver's cars out there: the Nissan 370Z and the Porsche Cayman S? Harris starts off by stating the obvious: the GT-86's overall performance numbers don't speak volumes, but it's the driving experience that makes him love it.

The combination of precise steering and gear changes, amongst many other things, seems to make up for its lack of straight-line performance. Powered by a 2.0-liter box four, the GT-86 only has 200 horsepower but it has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve. Now enter the two established and respected rivals, the 370Z and Cayman S.

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