Chris Harris' Report On The 650S GT3 Goes Badly For The Poor McLaren

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Blame the Mercedes that rammed it, not the driver.

Being one of the auto journalists who goes above and beyond at his job, Chris Harris has plenty of racing experience under his belt. Enough so that he can confidently drift million-dollar cars around a race track or pilot a supercar that's been further stripped-out and pushed to GT3 spec in a manner that would induce fits of vomit in the majority of us. It's why McLaren likely didn't hesitate when it came time for Harris to drive the 650S GT3.

Thanks to cars like the P1 GTR, McLaren has already shown us that it takes race-spec cars seriously, and the GT3-oriented 650S is no exception. It's powered by the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 as the standard 650S, only now it's been detuned to top out at 500 horsepower, 141 less than the stock car.

Fear not, however, because the 650S GT3 is still a monster on the track. Thanks to aerodynamic enhancements and a stripped-out interior, the 650S GT3 saves quite a bit of weight over its street-going brethren and is nailed to the tarmac in the corners. Harris' report is less of a review of the car but more of an in-depth account of a warm-up session for the upcoming Spa 24 hours, which takes place at Silverstone Raceway in this video. We were most surprised by the struggles associated with these sorts of races. Towards the midway point, an angsty Mercedes rams the Maca from the rear and knocks it out of the race. Thanks to good engineers and persistence, that's far from the end of it, but it's proof no win comes without effort.

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