Chris Harris Sliding An Alfa Romeo Giulia Is What We All Wanted On Top Gear

Now he finally has his chance to shine.

When Top Gear announced that it was adding popular web star Chris Harris to the show, we were highly optimistic. He has a reputation as one of the best car reviewers on the internet with his YouTube series, "Chris Harris On Cars." Harris played a much smaller role on Top Gear than we would have hoped for, but luckily the producers are finally ready to give us more of what we want, Chris Harris reviews. His new show, "Chris Harris Drives," is now on YouTube with the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

This new series was previously available on Top Gear's website exclusively, but episodes will now become available on YouTube. If you weren't a fan of Chris Evans' shouting, or Matt LeBlanc's cheesy banter, don't worry. This series is all about the cars.

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