Chris Harris Still Loves The NSX, Even In This Three-Car Comparison

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Obviously Harris isn't one of the NSX's haters.

We love seeing Chris Harris Drives, a web show that is basically a mini, scaled down version of Top Gear. We've seen Harris drive sports cars like the Nissan GT-R on the show before, but this test was a bit more ambitious. Harris pits the Honda NSX in a comparison against the Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8 Plus in a test of all-weather supercars. Clearly there was no better place to test the all-weather capabilities of all three cars than England, where it is almost always raining. The track is soaked, which makes the test extremely interesting.

Harris tries several times to perform a drag race with the three cars, but the weather doesn't really cooperate. When he does finally get the cars down the runway, it is the Porsche that dominates.

Harris loves the 911 Turbo, and can't believe how good it is, even though it's not the more powerful S model. The Audi was his least favorite because it is too complicated to configure, although he did love the V10 sound. Harris even goes off the track in the R8 because of a huge puddle. The NSX still remains a bit of an enchantress for Harris. He calls it "almost experimental," which is high praise from Harris. The 911 is the real winner of this test though because it's the one that Harris would take on a track and drive home the next day in. Even though the NSX is oddly appealing, the 911 wins this battle.

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