Christian Bale To Play Enzo Ferrari: So What Happened To Robert DeNiro?

Did Batman just replace Vito Corleone?

A few months back there was talk that Robert DeNiro would play Enzo Ferrari in a high-budget biopic. Now Deadline is reporting that Christian Bale has been cast to play the Ferrari founder in a movie directed by Michael Mann. Bale is best known as Batman but is an accomplished actor with an Academy Award (best supporting actor, “The Fighter”) to his name. Michael Mann, director of such classics as “Heat” and “The Last of the Mohicans” will be behind the lens. The film will be set in the year 1957 when Ferrari was 59

But what about Robert DeNiro? Deadline has no word on thatbut it’s quite possible the two actors will be in the same film. The Bale andMann picture takes place in 1957 and is based off of Brock Yates’ 1991 book "EnzoFerrari: The Man, the Cars, and the Races." The DeNiro movie was said tospan from 1945 to the 1980s (Ferrari died in 1988) and was said to be based on the samebook. The fact that the source material is the same means these two amazingactors could very well both portray Enzo Ferrari at different points in hislife. Or the two films could compete in a high-budget box office slugfest. Either way, gearheads win.

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