Christian Bale Won't Be Playing Enzo Ferrari Because He Can't Get Fat Enough


Last August we learned that Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale had been cast in director Michael Mann’s biopic on Enzo Ferrari. Shooting is expected to begin this spring in Italy but a major hurdle has just struck the production: Bale has bailed (no pun intended) out of the role because of health issues. The specific reason? He can’t gain enough weight in time without seriously affecting his health.

Bale has long been known for going to extraordinary lengths for roles, like losing so much weight that he turned into a walking skeleton for "The Machinist," to packing on the muscle for "Batman Begins" to gaining weight (as in fat) for "American Hustle." Gaining the necessary weight to play a 59-year-old Enzo Ferrari (the movie will be set in 1957) in only a few months from now was a concern for Bale, so the only solution was to quit before filming even began. Mann is working at this very moment to re-cast the role so that production can move forward as planned.

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