Christian von Koenigsegg Just Shared His Thoughts On V12s And Manuals


One has the slim chance and the other is a no-go.

If Koenigsegg launched a new type of vending machine we would be front row at the press conference for it. That's how much we love the supercars made by the Swedish automaker. The head of said automaker, Christian von Koenigsegg, recently answered some questions about the cars that bear his name on the company blog. It's an interesting read overall, but the most interesting tidbits came when Koenigsegg was asked about V10 and V12 engines and manual gearboxes in his supercars.

Here are his thoughts on V10 and V12 engines. "Koenigsegg's priority is not to be the most exclusive, even if our low numbers mean that we are very exclusive. Our priority is to be the best. And ever since we refined our V8 engine package, trying to be the best has never led me to consider putting a V12 in the car." That's pretty damn definitive. But what does he think of putting a manual in a Koenigsegg? "I don't know. I really enjoy driving our manual cars. We had a great manual gearbox. The clutch was progressive rather than being heavy. The shift was very direct. It's nice and it's a lot of fun. If we get enough demand for it, we might do it." So what does he have against manuals?

"It's not as efficient. It's not as fast around a racetrack. But it's very engaging and it's fun. We've said 'No' to customers who wanted a manual gearbox in their Agera RS. The biggest headache is that the gearbox would only be six-speed and it would have to be reinforced for the power levels we are at now."

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