Christian Von Koenigsegg's Ideal Regara Resembles A Mazda Miata


The founder of Koenigsegg pays tribute to his first car.

You may remember Koenigsegg's novel social media campaign where employees were invited to design their dream Regera, spawning memorable renders inspired by Prince and French wine. After a brief hiatus, the Swedish supercar maker has revealed the final Regera render designed by company founder and CEO Christian von Koenigsegg – and it's not as brash as you might expect from the man who founded a company that designs some of the most extreme hypercars on the planet.

Christian's ideal Regera features a blue tinted carbon finish with gold leaf striping, as well as swanky gold leaf wheels first shown at Geneva as a new option for customers that are an acquired taste, admittedly. The logic for the blue and gold color scheme is simple: it represents the Swedish flag as Christian is patriotic about his country. The most interesting design aspect is the interior, however. Christian chose to spec his ideal Regera with a brown leather interior that hearkens back to the first car he ever owned: a black NA Mazda Miata. It was purchased in 1992 with his girlfriend, who is now his wife, two years before he formed Koenigsegg.

"As Koenigsegg is very much a family company (Christian's father, Jesko, also worked with the company in its early years), Christian thought it appropriate to select an interior that has very warm memories for the family for his own personal Regera spec," a post on the manufacturer's Facebook page explains. Which Koenigsegg Regera render was your favorite?

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