Christian Von Koenigsegg Showed Up To A Koenigsegg Owners Meet In A Regera

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This guy is one of the coolest in the industry.

Owners meets are a great place for like minded gearheads to gather and marvel at the same car over and over again. Some of these meets are more exclusive than others, like when Koenigsegg owners meet up. According to Carscoops, such a meeting recently took place in Sweden. Christian Von Koenigsegg himself decided to attend, and he brought his latest hypercar along for the trip. That's right, Koenigsegg brought a Regera to a Koenigsegg owners meet.

This guy is just the coolest dude in the automotive industry. We don't really get to see much of the Regera in this clip, although you can hear its twin-turbo V8 rumbling as it leads a small convoy of Koenigseggs out onto a wet road. Apparently this meet happened one day before the One:1 wrecked at the Nurburgring. Talk about a crazy two days.

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