Christmas Eve Money Grab as Armored Van Spills $2M in Cash on Hong Kong Highway

You know you would have stopped too.

Taxi drivers and passengers, shoppers and motorists have been captured on film scrambling for money on one of Hong Kong’s busiest highways, after an armored van spilled the equivalent of almost $2 million in cash, bringing traffic to a standstill. 500 Hong Kong dollar (around $65) notes scattered the middle of Gloucester Road in Wan Chai, and the ensuing cash grab was as inevitable as Santa getting stuck in the chimney.

Police said the van’s rear door wasn’t closed properly, resulting in three containers filled with HK$15.23 million of cash sliding out the back and onto the tarmac. The van was carrying 30 containers at the time.

Affected lanes were quickly sealed off to retrieve the cash, while armed police guarded the fallen containers. Before you start thinking Xmas came early for the lucky passersby, authorities state anyone who recovered the lost cash could be charged with theft. Better spend it quickly then.

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