Chromed Out: Citroen DS4 May Cause Flash Blindness

Doctor's note: flash blindness is no laughing matter.

Although the pictures can't confirm it, we do believe this chrome Citroen DS4 causes flash blindness. These pictures were found on a French car blog that showcases (what else?) French-built cars. Now, we looked into the possible health hazards this could cause with the CarBuzz in-house eye doctor and he's determined that when the sun's light beams off the car's reflective body, individuals within visual range need to be aware of possible flash blindness.

For those who don't know, flash blindness is defined as a visual impairment during and following exposure to a light flash of extremely high intensity. It could last for just a few seconds or even several minutes. Although there's no pain involved, this condition could damage one's retinas. So be careful out there for those chromed Citroen DS4s or any other similar vehicles. They do lurk amongst us.

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