Chromotec Makes The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Even More Sinister

It looks even more stunning than it already is!

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is one of the finest sportscars tocome out of Affalterbach. It may not be as extreme or flashy as itspredecessor, the SLS AMG, but it sure packs a punch when it's on the track or prowling around cities looking absolutely badass. Owners can spec their AMGGTs with the $5,300 “AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber Package” which adds carbon fiberto the sportscar. However, if you think that the AMG GT needs even more carbonfiber, then Chromotec has your back with its latest offering.

Chromotec adds carbon fiber to the German sportscar with an extended front splitter with side flaps, wing flaps, a fixed rear wing, lateral diffuser attachments and “edition 1” side skirts. All of this carbon fiber is added to the lightweight treatment that Mercedes already offers which includes a carbon fiber front spoiler lip, rear diffuser, grille frame, side fins and side-vew mirrors. That sounds great but it doesn’t come cheap. The Chromotec treatment costs $9,404, which is nearly double the price of Mercedes’ offering. At least they’re aerodynamically efficient which might help with fuel efficiency and faster cornering and straight line speeds. We think Chromotec made the sportscar look better than it already is.

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