Chrysler 300 Limo Vs. 10,000-Ton Train: The Winner Won't Surprise You

Did you really expect a different ending?

By the time you read this there may be one more unemployed limo driver in the world. This accident happened in New Paris (that’s seriously the town’s name), Indiana, when a stretch Chrysler 300 got stuck on some railroad tracks. Luckily a photographer was nearby to capture the limo’s slow, inevitable death at the hands of a hulking train. And what a death it is! The train driver sees the limo but can’t stop in time. It crushes the 300 and drags it along the tracks for what seems like forever.

No one was in the car when the crash occurred and nobody was hurt on the train. You may never see a more crystal clear car train crash than this, so enjoy. And for the record: We know this video looks too good to be true.

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