Chrysler 300S Turbine Pays Tribute to Original

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Chrysler Turbine Concept, the automaker has unveiled this one-off 300S Turbine Edition. The question now is whether it'll reach production.

It was back in 1963 that Chrysler built the Turbine Concept, something truly extraordinary for its day. Powered by a turbine engine that sounded more like a vacuum cleaner, just 55 prototypes were produced and nearly all of them were later destroyed. In fact just nine prized units survived but the car's legacy lives on. To mark the 50th anniversary of its debut, Chrysler has decided to pay special tribute to that car by launching the 300S Turbine Edition.

It may not be powered by a turbine engine, but it still pays homage to the original with its "Turbine Bronze" matte-finished exterior paint and a black roof. Other unique touches include 22-inch turbine-styled alloy wheels, smoked taillight bezels and black headlamps. There's also a more aggressive front fascia design and a body color deck-lid spoiler. As of now, this remains a one-off example but Chrysler hasn't specifically stated that a future production version won't happen.

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