Chrysler Claims New Alfa Romeo Will Launch At Detroit

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And we have a good idea what it'll be.

So we've been told time and again that Chrysler is working on a revitalization plan for Alfa Romeo. Things obviously got underway with the launch of the limited production 4C earlier this year, but so much more can be done. Like an entire lineup, for starters. We've also heard that a new rear-wheel-drive platform will underpin a new sport sedan, but that won't be ready to go on sale for at least a year. And now Chrysler is claiming that we'll be getting our "next Alfa fix" at Detroit next month.

No other details or clues were given, but we can easily guess with much certainty what this mystery car will be: the 4C Spider, previously revealed without camo in spy shots. So unless there'll be a new concept, which would be nice, expect this "Alfa fix" to be the 4C Spider. We're still hoping for the day when Alfa Romeo sells models in the US that aren't limited to just over 1,000 units.

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