Chrysler Could Be Getting Off Life Support Thanks To The Jeep Cherokee

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A re-badged Cherokee could be just what the Chrysler lineup needs.

Allpar is reporting that Chrysler could be getting a mid-size SUV based on the Jeep Cherokee. The source of this info is a forum member known as "redriderbob," so take that as you will. (The outlet says redriderbob has provided reliable intel in the past.) Weird sources aside this move would make sense. Allpar says the new Chrysler SUV would take the place of the Dodge Journey, which will move to the Giulia's rear-wheel-drive platform sometime in the next few years. A range of gas-powered engines is expected. FWD will be standard with AWD available.

Allpar is guessing that the new Chrysler Cherokee will debut in the summer of 2017, or thereabouts. For the sake of FCA this model had better come sooner rather than later. Chrysler dealers have to be getting antsy with only the Pacifica and 300 to sell. That being said we're bullish on the future of the automaker, if it does indeed start selling an SUV in 2017. The Pacifica is gobbling up sales and the 300 isn't nearly as irrelevant as you might think, posting a 2% yearly sales gain through November. A mid-size sports utility vehicle wouldn't suddenly turn Chrysler into a sales powerhouse but it would keep the brand afloat until FCA figures out just what it's future will be.


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