Chrysler Could Be Planning To Battle Tesla With An All-Electric...Minivan?

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This is one Chrysler we're actually excited for.

Automotive News is reporting that Chrysler will debut an all-electric Pacifica at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), which kicks off next month a few days before the Detroit Auto Show. No word was given on whether the model is meant for production or is just a concept car. The Pacifica is already offered as a hybrid, but of all the American automakers FCA has been the slowest to electrify its cars. The Ferrari LaFerrari is technically a hybrid and then there's the all-electric Fiat 500e which we drove and weren't huge fans of.


Maserati is going to build an all-electric Alfieri, but that car isn't expected out until 2020 at the earliest. If the Pacifica EV is indeed intended for production it could vault Chrysler ahead of just about every automaker in one heat of the electric car track meet. Currently only Tesla builds an electric car that's big enough to fit the whole family. That would of course be the Model X. Other automakers are working on battery-powered crossovers and SUVs but those cars are still baking in the oven. As such Chrysler would only have one real competitor if it rolled out an all-electric Pacifica. With a range of around 200 miles and a price point around or under $50,000-the hybrid starts at $43,090-an electric Pacifica could be an interesting proposition.

Of course that's only if FCA decides to pull the trigger on putting it into production. The CES van could very well just be a showcase for future technology, aka stuff we'll see in a few years once the cost of creating it goes down and consumer acceptance of said tech goes up. We're hoping for Chrysler's sake that an electric Pacifica does indeed debut in Las Vegas, the location of CES, next month and that it is more than just a preview of what's to come. The automaker needs something worth getting excited over now that the death watch for the 200 has officially ended.

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