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Chrysler Crossover Coming Based On Dodge Charger

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A Hellcat version would be welcome too.

While Fiat-Chrysler has been buoyed in recent years by the success of Jeep and Ram as well as the Ferrari spin-off, Chrysler as a brand has had a tough time. The once-great American marque has been whittled down to just two models—the aging 300 sedan and the admittedly-quite-good Pacifica minivan.

Despite the Pacifica's prosperity in the soccer-mom-mobile market, Chrysler is in desperate need of fresh metal. And with the industry dramatically shifting towards SUVs and crossovers and away from more traditional family body styles like wagons and minivans, the absence of a crossover in Chrysler's lineup is alarming.

If a recent report from Allpar.com is to be believed, this gaping hole in the Chrysler arsenal is soon to be plugged. Rumor has it that a Chrysler crossover is not far out, but that this CUV will be based on the Dodge Charger's platform. With sedan sales dropping, releasing a crossover is smart, but basing it on the Charger is a questionable move. Not only is the Charger (which is closely related to the 300) still running on the 13-year-old LX platform that borrowed numerous components from the late '90s Mercedes-Benz E-Class, but it is also a rear-wheel-drive platform.

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While it has the option for all-wheel-drive as well, having a rear-wheel-drive crossover for the Chrysler lineup is odd considering Chrysler's trend towards family-marketed vehicles, which tend to be front-wheel-drive based.

The rumors also suggest that the new car could retain the 300 nameplate or even bring back the Town & Country, but it is also crucial to take the report with a grain of salt. Only time will tell, but hopefully, Chrysler will get a new crossover soon, regardless of what it's based on.