Chrysler Minivans May Catch on Fire Due to Spillage

Soccer moms beware.

Just a few days after Fiat-Chrysler’s big announcement regarding its five-year plan, the newly minted automaker has just announced a recall targeting an estimated 780,477 of its minivans. The reason? There have been some reports of overheating, even a few fires, in the third-row power vent switches in the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan. Specifically, this recall only affects certain minivans built between 2010 and 2014, with an estimated 644,850 sold in the US.

An additional 106,980 units are in Canada, 8,009 in Mexico, and 20,638 units sold outside of North America. According to a Chrysler spokesman, "some incidents involved fire, many did not. In each case, damage was confined to areas of the driver’s door," where the switch is located. So how was this problem first discovered? It turns out a few warranty claims came in from owners and upon closer examination, technicians realized that exposure to moisture from rain, snow, car washes, and even spilled beverages could cause a short circuit. Affected owners are being contacted by the automaker.

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