Chrysler Officially Ditching the Pentastar Logo

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Chrysler fans aren't that happy about it.

This news really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but die-hard Chrysler fans are still very upset. After officially merging with Fiat SpA, Chrysler is in the process of ditching its famed Pentastar logo. "Chrysler Group is now part of the newly formed FCA. As such, the spirit of Chrysler and the Pentastar moves forward as part of this new entity, joining the strengths of the previous Fiat SpA and Chrysler Group LLC. Both have adapted the FCA logo," as stated by an official company press release.

However, there are currently zero plans to remove the giant Pentastar built into the window of Chrysler's Auburn Hills, Michigan, headquarters. Despite that, many Chrysler enthusiasts aren't at all pleased to see the Pentastar logo go, which has been used since 1962. The "Save the Pentastar" Facebook campaign, started by the owner of a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, has so far attracted over 7,000 likes. Chrysler, in response to these fans, stated that "some are unhappy about it (the change) and wistful about it and we've seen that on social media…(but) the company is changing again, and it is a choice that the company made."

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