Chrysler Ready To Launch A Bunch Of New Models

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The heritage company is set to expand its line-up to a series of high-tech cars.

Chrysler is going to be chasing its peers into the age of electrification with a series of proposed products it hopes to introduce over the next six years. This plan will be launched with the production version of the Airflow Concept under the watchful guidance of the Stellantis group.

Speaking to MotorTrend, company CEO Christine Feuell dropped some details on several new products that will be released to the market by 2028. The brand is following this strategy with the hopes of transition from a traditional family car company to one that is recognized as a forward-thinker in the electromobility sphere.

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The Chrysler Airflow Concept certainly impressed a good number of spectators when it was unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. While it already looks like a promising product, we won't be officially seeing a variation of these on the streets until sometime in 2024. This means that the brand isn't exactly going to have a head-start in this now rapidly competitive market.

In fact, the concept as we saw it at CES will not be heading to production but it will act as the foundation of all future products to follow, in terms of design, architecture, and features. Given how impactful the last Airflow was for the company's evolution back in the 1930s, the fact that it bears this name is a big statement for Chrysler.

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While the final product might not share the same name, it will make use of the group's STLA Large electric platform that's still in its development phase. This is a decision that Feuell says, will be applied to all of its future products as it will do away with smaller and less profitable cars. She adds that the tactic of the company is to build models not yet created within the Stellantis group or by any of its competition.

Other Stellantis products will use the same platform but Feuell assures that her goal is to make Chrysler-badged cars a lot more unique. While the unofficial brand relaunch will be initiated by a sedan, one or two SUVs are destined to be introduced. She provides few details regarding the specification but it is already known that the STLA Large can accommodate a medium-sized body style with two or three rows of seats.

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Chrysler has been well-respected for maintaining its commitment to the minivan with its Pacifica which it hopes to continue into the age of electrification. With it being the only plug-in hybrid van in the local market, it already has somewhat of a jumpstart. Despite the aggressive takeover of SUVs, the company is not abandoning this body style in its next generation of cars.

Feuell continues to assure fans that the minivan replacement won't just be an electrified Pacifica. This too will take a "fresh perspective" on what the consumers expect from a van, rather than it just being a straightforward "multi-purpose vehicle." She adds that the main aim is to evolve the body style away from its current "soccer mom" stereotype.

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The big question is what will the fate of the 300 be? We already know that the Dodge Charger and Challenger will be making an exit in 2024, but it looks like the 300 could soon be following suit. Feuell did not confirm or deny a direct replacement for the now aging sedan but she did hint that the upcoming series of SUVs will be more indicative of the brand's future.

Regardless of the model, it's also understood that the manufacturer will be going tech-focused with its new range. This will be achieved via Stellantis' new connected vehicle technology which currently includes Amazon Fire TV in the Pacifica. The two brands are looking to continue this relationship going forward with the collaboration incorporating the car's cameras for video chatting and other communicative features.

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Source Credits: Motor Trend

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