Chrysler Recalls 566,000 Grand Cherokees, Durangos and Rams

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This is getting beyond a joke now.

Over the past few months, Chrysler has recalled almost 800,000 Jeeps, a handful of SRT Vipers, and in two separate recalls, around one million cars, minivans and SUVs were affected by ignition switch issues. Now the carmaker is recalling 566,000 pickups and SUVs due to a stability control flaw, leaking diesel fuel, and faulty airbags. A manufacturing defect on the circuit board means that the 2014 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee have airbag modules that could short circuit causing front and side airbags and seat-belt pretensioners to disable.

Having received over 2,558 warranty claims for this issue, Chrysler is recalling 126,722 vehicles, which will have the airbag module replaced from December. Another circuit board also needs fixing on the majority of these vehicles, with a separate recall indicating 132,223 models in the US could have a circuit board that inadvertently disables the stability control. A software update will be rolled out next month. Finally, 2010-2014 Rams equipped with the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel could have an electrical connector on the fuel heater assembly overheat causing the O-ring to fail on the fuel filter, leading to a fuel leak. Dealers will swap out the tin-plated connectors will silver-plated ones in December.

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