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Chrysler's Quality VP Resigns Following Consumer Reports Debacle

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He probably should have seen this coming.

Let's be perfectly honest about this, neither Chrysler nor Fiat (fix it again, Tony) have ever enjoyed particularly stellar reputations when it comes to reliability. So when Doug Betts was made Vice President of Quality for Fiat-Chrysler seven years ago, his work was pretty much cut out for him. We certainly don't envy the job that must have been, but a recent reliability ranking from Consumer Reports puts Chrysler at dead last.

In fact, they're not only last, but the quality rating for most of their brands, excluding SRT, has been declining. So maybe Betts doesn't deserve too much of our sympathy after all. That seems to be how he feels about it as well, as it has now come out that he resigned the very day after the report was published by CR. It was said that he left to “pursue other interests." We'll bet. He is replaced by two people (which leads us to wonder if this maybe wasn't a one-man job in the first place), Matthew Liddane, head of quality for Chrysler North America, and Mark Chernoby, COO of product development.

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