Chrysler Sebring Means Lame In Any Language


Chrysler has had a deal with the Russian carmaker Volga for a few years now. It started when they sold Volga the assembly line and tooling for the old Dodge Stratus in 2006. Volga also bought the facilities to manufacture the Sebring, and both cars were sold with (very) slight cosmetic tweaks and Volga badges. This is a fairly common practice in poorer countries, car companies can save money by not having to invest in any development and can therefore sell the car at a much lower price.

The problem is, Russia isn't really that poor. Sure, recovering from the effects of communism can take some time, but the Russian car-buying populace isn't so impoverished that they would be satisfied with something as uninspired as the 2007 Sebring. Since Russians can now afford to buy regular cars, sales of the Russian Sebring (or as it is known there, the Volga Siber) have been abysmal, and Volga has announced they will be discontinuing it. There may be hope for the Russian car industry yet.

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