Chrysler Showcases The Future Of The Car Interior At CES 2023

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Chrysler Synthesis rethinks everything we know about cabin design and technology.

Stellantis-owned Chrysler has revealed the Synthesis demonstrator at CES 2023 as a glimpse into the future of interior design and technology.

The forward-thinking cabin utilizes cutting-edge technological platforms - STLA Smart Cockpit, STLA Brain, and STLA AutoDrive - to create a harmonious experience for the customer. The STLA Brain works within the Smart Cockpit infotainment setup, itself a masterpiece thanks to 37.2 inches of front-row display area.

Artificial Intelligence has the capability to adapt and enhance the user experience and even has the capability to learn its owner's desires. Thanks to over-the-air (OTA) updates, features can be quickly updated to keep the vehicle feeling fresh and new.

Tech lovers will be bowled over by the virtual personal assistant that can merge several devices and more. The system is capable of planning optimal routes or automatically installing updates and can even help you with e-commerce tasks.


The Chrysler Synthesis cabin is set up for electric autonomous vehicles. The personal assistant can recommend charging options and let occupants get on with other tasks while the car gets on with driving. Hyundai Mobis' Quick Menu Selection concept is similar to the Synthesis system in several ways.

Chrysler Synthesis also serves as a way to demonstrate STLA AutoDrive, which is capable of delivering Level 3 autonomous driving. Like the rest of the system, AutoDrive is capable of constantly upgrading itself through the wonders of OTA updates and can quickly add new features to increase safety and enhance capabilities.

As a reminder, Mercedes-Benz has already introduced Level 3 self-driving, but this feature is limited to certain markets for now.

It's about so much more than tech, though. Chrysler wants next-generation vehicles to connect with their owners and has devised ways to make this possible.


The "day in the life" experience is comprised of several distinctive features. The MyDay feature gathers important information in one place, allowing occupants to catch up on calendar updates, weather, and car-focused data such as charging status and trip planning.

Elsewhere, the virtual assistant can recognize individuals through biometrics and deliver a welcome message that is presumably tailor-made to individual tastes. A particularly nifty feature that comes into play during autonomous driving is the ability to video conference with work and perform a smart home "wake up" once you near your residence.

It also has the ability to recommend nearby lunch spots. Should you need to unwind after a stressful day at the office, the Chrysler Synthesis system can offer you a variety of activities depending on your mood. Aside from the ability to create your own music, there are also available meditation and karaoke functions.


Sustainability is the buzzword of the moment when it comes to interiors. With this in mind, Chrysler says the Synthesis has been designed with eco-friendly materials and is 100% devoid of chrome trim. The seats, for example, are wrapped in vegetable-tanned upholstery, while the instrument panel has been crafted out of recycled plastics. A rather classy touch is the textile-infused wood flooring which is said to be responsibly sourced.

In terms of design, it's a rather tasteful affair. Chrysler says the two-door layout has been inspired by the Airflow concept, a far more styling offering than the now-defunct 300 sedan. Overall, it's clean and uncluttered without feeling cold and spartan. It's certainly better than the current brace of Chrysler cabins.

"For nearly 100 years, Chrysler has created ingenious products and technologies for mainstream customers, and Chrysler will continue that legacy of innovation as the first to launch the STLA Smart Cockpit in North America," said the company's Chris Feuell.

When we'll see this cabin in a production-bound Chrysler is anyone's guess, but we doubt we'll have to wait too long.


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