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Chrysler Takes Over the Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Chrysler is buying its own history, but closing the doors to the public save for special exhibitions.

If you're planning a trip to Michigan, the Walter P. Chrysler Museum is a must-see. When the facility opened in 1999, it was the first museum to be located at a US automaker's headquarters, and houses 67 classic vehicles from Chrysler's history. The funny thing is that, while the building is owned by Chrysler itself, the collection itself is not. But that's about to change. Although some 35,000 people came to visit the museum last year, ticket sales have not been enough to sustain the collection's operations.

As a result, the museum will merge with the Chrysler Foundation at the end of the year, and Chrysler itself will purchase the collection. The move will likely keep the museum and its collection in good hands and well-preserved for years to come. But it's not all good news. Apparently Chrysler will be closing the museum's doors to the public during the year, using it only for special events and exhibitions. We hope there'll be plenty of such special exhibitions to warrant its opening, because it would be a shame for the collection to disappear behind closed doors away from the public eye.

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