Chrysler Wants You To Know It Made A Vital Contribution During WWII

And this video proves it.

Chrysler, maker of the Viper, the Hellcat, the Ram, and the Abrams? Yep, Chrysler has had a hand in building many a tank including the M1 Abrams under the General Dynamics brand. While that may come as a shock (or not) to some, the automaker has had a long history of building, well, tanks. So much history in fact that the company decided to drop a video showing its involvement in WWII. Taking its name from an FDR quote, "Arsenal of Democracy" is a five-minute mini documentary about Chrysler during the war.

The documentary takes an in-depth look at how Chrysler partnered with the U.S. Government to build the M4 Sherman and the M3 Lee/ Grant. Basically, this is an excuse to watch Chrysler brag about building tanks, and get your daily history lesson, which is about tanks. Tanks!

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