Chrysler Warns Dealers About Taking Too Many Orders For Charger And Challenger Hellcats


Demand is clearly greater than supply.

It's really hard to find anything about to criticize the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats. Really, give it a try. Pretty hard, huh? There are many people anxious to own one of them, and Dodge dealers are more than happy to take their orders. Perhaps a little too happy. Automotive News is reporting that Chrysler Fiat (FCA) has taken an unusual step of warning a "handful of dealers" about accepting a large number of orders for the 707 hp coupe and sedan.

According to the automaker, these dealers have taken customer orders "without regard to available supply and without advising their customers that orders may not be filled, if at all, for many months or longer." FCA's senior VP for communications stated that "we believe such a practice may constitute a breach of the Dealer's Sales and Service Agreement with FCA US LLC and a violation of other applicable laws." The automaker is advising customers to ask some important questions before placing an order. Specifically, buyers should ask their dealer whether a deposit is required and whether it's refundable, and to also "consult your state law governing the vehicle orders and return of deposits."

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