Chrysler's Amazing New Infotainment Will Be Best-In-Class

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The company's Uconnect 5 system looks like a class-leader.

The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica was recently revealed at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show sporting an all-wheel-drive option for the first time ever. In addition to now having AWD, the 2021 Pacifica has the honor of being the first FCA vehicle to receive the company's new Uconnect 5 infotainment system. The current Uconnect 4 system is already one of our favorites and comes highly rated by consumers as one of the easiest to use but this new version should be even better.

Chrysler invited CarBuzz to learn more about the new Uconnect system on a video conference, including some of the new features found in the Android-based interface.

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"Technology has become more and more important and we don't think it is going to stop," said Jin Palmer, Head of Infotainment and Feature Planning for FCA. "51 percent of our customers said the technology in their vehicles influenced their buying decision. An even higher percentage (64 percent) said having a positive experience with the in-vehicle technology made them want to go back to the same brand. And nearly 80 percent of customers said having an easy-to-use infotainment system was one of their most important factors."

We've already seen FCA increase its screen size with the Ram 1500 and now with the Pacifica. Vince Galante, Chief Designer of User Experience says "in all of our vehicles, you are going to see larger displays with even more resolution, making everything easier to read." Uconnect 5 has been designed with square, portrait, and landscape views, so we can expect future FCA vehicle screens to come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Galante went on to explain how Uconnect 5 will have different features depending on which vehicle it is mounted in. "One of the fun things about working for FCA is the ability to work on such a wide range of products. One day you could be working on a Pacifica minivan and the next day work on a full-size Ram, Alfa Romeo, or Fiat."

Each of the FCA brands will receive its own unique Uconnect color theme and different vehicles will contain unique features. The Pacifica, for example, might have a rear seat monitor where a product like a Hellcat would have performance pages.

All of the screens will be highly configurable with smartphone-style widgets, allowing drivers to set up multiple profiles to remember their favorite settings. Some of the available widgets include navigation locations, temperature settings, and other frequently used features.

Palmer and Galante would not confirm which vehicles will receive Uconnect 5 after the Pacifica. When asked if Alfa Romeo (the only FCA brand not to currently use Uconnect) would adopt this new system, Galante said: "you will see an upgrade in those vehicles to include touch and the dial." But they will still use their own bespoke system.

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