Chuck Norris Can Do Anything, Like Making The Fiat Ducato A Total Badass

The Ducato is a work truck, for the record.

In the US it’s called the Dodge Promaster, but everywhere else it’s the Fiat Ducato. Chuck Norris knows this. Chuck Norris is a longtime badass. And Norris agreed to star in a commercial promoting the Fiat Ducato Professional vehicle lineup. Therefore, the Fiat Ducato, by association only, is badass. Stretching it a bit? Totally, but we’re fans of Chuck Norris so it seemed like the right thing to do. The one minute-long commercial is about what you’d expect, packed with stunts, motorcycles and the Ducato lineup.

Before now, the only time we’ve paid attention to Fiat work trucks was never. Chuck Norris has changed that. Because the only thing written on his driver’s license is "It’s Me." Because when Chuck Norris crosses the street, cars looks both ways for him. Because if you make fun of the Fiat Ducato, you will receive roundhouse kick after roundhouse kick.

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