Ciprian's Hybrid Ford GT-V Concept


The Ford GT-V is a lightweight hybrid car designed by independant artist Andrus Ciprian.

Andrus Ciprian is back with a new concept design for Ford. The Ford GT-V concept appears very metallic and smooth, almost giving the coupe the appearance of the liquid-metal cyborg from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Apart from expecting this car to change forms to and fro from Robert Patrick to a Sarah/John Connor chasing robot from the future, it does feature some interesting design lines. The front-end of the Ford features a huge, low-hanging grille along with some futuristic headlights.

Unlike Ciprian's previous creation, the Ford Cobra Snakehead concept, the GT-V appears a bit bland. Its windshield is built at almost a 90 degree angle, which would kill some of the hood's smooth lines in terms of aerodynamics. The independent designer felt that the GT-V concept deserved a powertrain along with its exterior build, picking an electric-gasoline hybrid form of inspiration. Running on a hypothetical supercharged V8 accompanied by a 162hp electric motor, performance and efficiency would be greatly served. A Jaguar C-X16-esque Push to Pass button along with a high-tech Stop-Start system will also be equipped on the concept.

In any case, check out Andrus Ciprian's Ford GT-V concept and let us know what you think about the hybrid silver coupe.

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