Citroen and Arsenal Make Warming the Bench Cool

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Arsenal's substitutes don't have a bench, they have racing seats.

Sports and cars go together usually in the sense that rich athletes drive sports cars. A new partnership between Citroen and English Premier League team Arsenal of London is going to help shape a new image for automakers and sports: sponsorships. Citroen UK has signed an extended deal with Arsenal to become the club's Official Automotive Partner for three years. Arsenal will help promote Citroen around Europe while Arsenal will make some pounds doing it.

Models expected to be... well, modeled by the English club include the Citroen DS3 along with the new C4 and DS4. Linda Jackson, Managing Director at Citroen UK said "Teaming up with Arsenal Football Club for another three years will allow us to develop and build on our positive association with one of the most successful English football clubs of the modern era. Citroen is recognized for creativity, distinctive style and ambition, and we're proud to be supporting a team like Arsenal that shares those same values."Audi has also recently signed a sponsored deal with German team Bayern Munich.

The pair has teamed up twice before, creating a car for charity and also auctioning off a painting for the fight against cancer. Check out the awesome bench Citroen has installed for the Arsenal players, as 'warming the bench' can now be called 'relax comfortably on the nice racing seats, mate.'

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