Citroen DS4 Goes to the Matte

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How many matte finishes could you reasonably expect a mainstream automaker to offer? Citroen figures as many as it has metallic paints.

Matte paint finishes and wraps may be all the rage, but automakers are still catching up. Only a handful of automakers are offering the anti-bling treatment on their cars straight from the factory, and of those, there's typically only one or two choices of color. Citroen is staking its name in new territory, then, with the new DS4 Just Mat edition. The French automaker is offering its premium crossover hatch in not just one, not just two, but seven matte finish options.

European buyers will be able to select from Ground, Ocean, Polar, Cloud, Storm, Fire or Shadow, all in matte finishes. That's just as many as the metallic paints Citroen offers on the standard DS4.

Along with the flat finish, the Just Mat edition comes with 19-inch gloss black alloys and an interior decked out with all the bells and whistles, including Havana leather, rain sensors, parking sensors, climate control, sat-nav and a stereo with USB and Bluetooth connectivity and steering wheel controls. Pricing starts at €34,950 and can be ordered with either 200 gasoline-fed horses or 160 on diesel, both driving a six-speed manual. Only 500 examples will be offered, so interested customers had better act fast.

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