Citroen DS9 Concept Finally Spotted Uncloaked in Paris

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Finally, shots of the French automaker's range-topping concept have come to light.

As we draw nearer to the start of two major auto shows, one in NYC and the other in Beijing, teaser shots are coming in thick and fast. Now it's the turn of Citroen's DS concept; again. Following the French automaker's own teasers revealed on their Facebook page we had a shot of a partially-covered prototype taken by a blog reader. Since then, a member of Automobile Magazine posted exclusive pictures of what is widely-regarded to be named the DS9 in all its naked glory.

Given the location of the photo shoot, the Place de la Concorde, which happens to be the largest public square in Paris, it's evident Citroen was unconcerned about images of their concept getting leaked. In fact, some would suggest this was their main intention. The photos reveal a number 9 on the rear license plate, which strongly confirms the car's position as the range-topping DS9 it has long been suspected to be. As we've noted previously, the concept is an evolution of the Metropolis concept and is expected to transform into production guise for 2013 when it will hit exclusive markets, notably China.

L'Automobile also speculate the DS9 concept boasts a third row of seats mimicking the Peugeot HX1, which, unlike the oversized wheels, giant svelte mirrors and exaggerated headlights, could well be kept for the production model. We'll know more in the coming days.

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