Citroen E-3POD

Citroen recently sponsored a design contest in the UK (I know they're French, I don't get it either) for an ultra-compact vehicle that could lead the way for vehicles of the future. The E-3POD was the winner and the single-seat EV would presumably be targeted at those who either forgot that there was such a thing as motorcycles or were worried that riding one might actually make them in some way appealing to members of the opposite sex.

The E-3POD is meant to be a marriage of the trends toward making cars as lightweight as possible and the one that dictates that at least half of the new concepts we see are battery powered. These two trends are generally thought to be incompatible, since the energy density of batteries rates pretty poorly when compared to petroleum. Perhaps things will change in the future, but if I absolutely had to have something other than a car, I'd still prefer a motorcycle to this.

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