Citroen Extends DS Line with Pure Pearl Editions

2012 Paris Motor Show / Comments

Pure Pearl editions of DS4 and DS5 and electric DS3 concept joins DS3 Cabrio and Numero 9 concept in Citroen's expanding DS line for this year's Paris Motor Show.

Citroen, despite its best efforts, is not what most would consider an upscale automaker. That's where the DS line comes in. Introduced in 2009, the DS line represents the French automaker's aspirations towards the premium market. And that range keeps growing. When the doors open at the Paris Motor Show in a little over a week from now, Citroen will have an array of new DS models to show, including the special editions of the DS4 and DS5 you see here.

Called the Pure Pearl limited edition, the special DS4 and DS5 upgrade on the "standard" models with pearlescent white paint, chrome trim and unique 18-inch alloys. The interior is further distinguished by leather upholstery inspired by watch straps and top-stitched in blue, supplemented by features such as sat-nav, Xenon headlamps, eTouch infotainment system and front and rear parking sensors. The Pure Pearl also debuts a new 160-horsepower HDi engine with automatic transmission for the DS4. Other DS models debuting in Paris will be the new DS3 Cabrio, an electric concept version of the DS3 hatchback and the Numero 9 concept.

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