Citroen Post Teaser Shot; DS9 Anyone?

Set to compete against the BMW 7-Series and the like, Citroen’s range-topping DS9 looks to be well on its way to production.

The French automaker has just posted this teaser shot on their Facebook page with the tag line: "The future of the DS line is already taking shape at Citroen." Given its shape and size, there's every chance we're looking at Citroen's new range-topper, which will compete against the likes of the Audi R8, BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes S Class. Visually, it also appears to be an evolution of the Metropolis Concept that was introduced at the Shanghai World Fair in 2010.

However, the saloon body-style has been replaced with a shooting-brake. At the time of its unveiling, the concept was powered by a 2.0-liter V6 gasoline engine coupled to an electric motor that combined to produce 460hp and 317lb-ft of torque, as well as CO2 emissions of just 70g/km. Most likely it will be badged the DS9 and perhaps sold exclusively in China, built as part of the company's joint venture with the Changan Automotive Group in Guangdong province. The car is expected to debut at next month's Beijing Motor Show, when more details will doubtless come to the fore.

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