Citroen Reveals New C4 Picasso


French minivan rides on PSA's new platform to cut weight, reduce carbon footprint and up the tech factor.

With images leaking left, right and center, Citroen has released the full skinny on its new minivan, the C4 Picasso. Previewed in concept form by the Technospace last month in Geneva, the new C4 Picasso cuts a more dynamic profile than its precursor and is also much lighter. Based on PSA’s EMP2 architecture that will also underpin the next Peugeot 308 and Opel Zafira (among others), the latest C4 Picasso makes use of lightweight construction materials like aluminum and composites.

As a result, the new C4 Picasso doesn't just weigh less than its predecessor, but Citroen says it weighs the same as the smaller C3 Picasso. Although shorter overall than the model it replaces, the new C4 Picasso rides on a longer and wider wheelbase, pushing the wheels out to the corners to optimize interior space and improve vehicle stability without taking up more space in crowded European cities. The adaptable cabin is trimmed out in higher-quality materials, and has individually-adjustable seats, including a front passenger seat that folds forward to increase cargo space and three rear seats that can move around independently.

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It also boasts all the latest infotainment and driver assistance functions you’d expect from the latest product from a major automaker, including a 12-inch widescreen display atop the dashboard. The new Citroen C4 Picasso will be available in Europe from September with a variety of engines ranging from a 92-horsepower diesel that delivers the best emissions figures in its category to a 155-horsepower 1.6-liter gasoline engine.