Citroen Reveals New DS3 Cabrio


Grab your purse: the Double Chevron marque has dropped the top on its premium supermini ahead of a real-world reveal in Paris.

Unveiled online ahead of its live debut at next month's Paris Motor Show, Citroen has revealed initial specs and snaps of its convertible supermini. Except it's not exactly a bona fide convertible. Atop the new Cabrio an electronically-controlled canvas roof panel (like that in the Fiat 500C) folds back to the tailgate at the touch of a button. It takes just 16 seconds to fully close, can open to three positions and can be operated at up to 75 mph. The simple system also involves only a minimal increase in weight of just 25 kg.

In keeping with the customization options available on the DS3 hatchback, Citroen offers a range of colors and designs to match the DS3 Cabrio's seven body colors, as well as three designs: black, DS Monogramme and Infinite blue, the latter being a shiny one that reacts differently to the light. Funky.

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The Cabrio shares its basic dimensions and cabin space - complete with 60/40 split-folding rear bench and 245-liter boot capacity - with the premium hatch that Top Gear named its 2010 Car of the Year. The only major drawback is the rearward visibility which a roof mechanism like this inherently obscures. At the rear, the new taillights are each made up of 31 LEDs, semi-reflecting mirrors and a 15-LED blade, complete with a chrome-finished DS logo and embossed black DS setting. LEDs play an integral role inside as well, with white ambient lighting on the ceiling-mounted console that houses the roof control.

The soft top includes an inner lining for acoustic damping, with fresh upholstery options including Granit blue leather and something Akinen stitching available in Mistral grey, Chic brown and Infinite blue, with a choice of color-coded inserts to match. In other words, the DS3 Cabrio is designed as much as a fashion accessory as it is a mode of transportation. As such, we're not terribly surprised that Citroen didn't mention powertrain options, but we'd expect the same engines available in the hatchback to carry over, including a 1.6-liter e-HDi diesel, to be available when the convertible launches early next year.